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What is the Internet of Things

It’s the idea that everyday things like a bottle of wine, a pair of shoes or even a hammer can participate, just like you and me, on the internet.

While that may seem strange, these everyday items have a big story to tell. A story about what they are, where they’ve been, and who they belong to.

These stories, this information, can be used to create new experiences for consumers, provide greater insight for brand owners and add incredible value to anyone who touches them.

How do I get the Internet
of Things (IoT) on my brand?

That’s where we come in. At iProof we’ve been enabling the IoT on brands since 2008 and have developed the technologies and experience you need to do this easily and successfully.


The first step is to embed your product with an iProof Secure ID on your brand using QR Codes or NFC Tags. These iProof IDs,  empower your products to tell their individual story and deliver personalized digital experiences on any mobile device.

The choice of tag will depend on your product, its use requirements, and how you want to engage your audience.

The two most commonly used technologies for this are QR Codes and NFC Tags.

  • High customer perception
  • Mature and widespread technology
  • Increasing smartphone adoption
  • Can be placed invisibly
  • Greater data security
  • The same technology used in ApplePay

QR Codes

  • Printed or stitched onto almost any material
  • Flexible in size, design, colors, and placement
  • Highly visible and easily recognizable
  • Broad consumer knowledge on how to scan
  • High compatibility across devices
  • Low cost


Activate and manage millions of your individualized iProof IDs, gain visibility into your manufacturing and distribution chain, and create customer trust and loyalty with digital product authentication.

Track and trace each product across the distribution chain with geolocation data visibility and real-time reporting.

Mobile Product Authentication

Build customer trust and loyalty by providing secure mobile product authentication, manage diversion, and detect counterfeit and gray market goods anywhere in the world.


Engage with customers with customized mobile experiences delivered right through the products they own.

Enhanced Product Information

Mobilize customers to track and authenticate in the field.

Easily offer enhanced product information and geolocation information to customers and suppliers.


Engage with customers with customized mobile experiences delivered right through the products they own.

Enhanced Product Information

Cross and up-sell related products and services

  • Personalization
  • Sales & Service Support
  • Exclusive offers
  • Loyalty Programs

iProof API - Internet-of-Things (IOT) Solution

iProof’s API is an IoT Platform that creates, manages and powers all the unique digital identities that enable your brand.

It runs on the largest cloud network in the world (AWS) and can easily scale as needed.

Because our cloud capacity, iProof allows unlimited storage of any type of data, including text information, images, videos and files, geo-location and relationships. This makes each unique identity a storage center for any necessary information.

This open, REST-based API standard, also makes it compatible with a wide array of ERP and ERM systems, E-Commerce, and most social networks. This essentially links every unique identity to any type of system used by the manufacturer, distributor, retailer or consumer.

Application development is also facilitated, making the iProof API a simple platform on which to build custom web interfaces, mobile device applications or complex backend systems.

We also have a plugin for WordPress, one of the worlds most used CMS’s, serving 55% of all websites worldwide. This powers many of the marketing and mobile web interfaces used by iProof, and serves as an efficient platform on which to deliver innovative solutions, with minimal development expense.